Success Stories

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Franklin & Javetta

Congratulations to Franklin & Javetta. They met at Pursue in early 2020 and now are in a committed relationship. Javetta says that Franklin is a man of has kept God first in their relationship and pursued her the right way. Congrats to this beautiful couple, we wish them  God’s best for their lives ahead.

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Derek & Jacquelyn (Engagement)

Congratulations to Derek & Jacquelyn! They met at Pursue and got engaged and announced their engagement in June 2020. We celebrate this beautiful couple! Black Love and Godly Dating is still alive!

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Antoine & Celise (Engagement)

Congratulations to Antoine & Celise. They met at Pursue in 2019 and got engaged in the summer of 2020.  Antoine asked Celise if she’d marry him; she said “Yes!” Congrats to Antoine & Celise on their engagement!

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