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An International Pursue Marriage (Ghana, Africa): Samuel & Michelle Agbasi

Congratulations to Samuel & Michelle Agbasi! They met at Pursue and recently got married in Ghana, the home country of Samuel. We’re excited and praying for this couple! Pursue is an international platform and family!

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Meet the Granvilles: Valdis & Lexi Granville

Pursue Family, they did it!!! Valdis & Lexi “tied the knot”! They’re married now!! Congrats to Lexi (a former Pursue moderator) and Valdis who met here at Pursue! They got married on 3/13/2021. 

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A Pursue Engagement: Bryan & Fatima

Congratulations to Bryan & Fatima! They met at Pursue and then got engaged on February 13th, 2021. They are planning their wedding and marriage now. We are so excited for this beautiful couple. Congrats Bryan & Fatima!

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